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I just started a more recipie (vegan) based blog on wordpress so that I don’t keep flooding this blog with pictures of weird foods I want to try. But I think I’ll be posting recipies, thoughts, rants, playlists, etc. on it so if you want to check it out (please do!!), its:


Thanks so much guys!!! Also - feedback is very much appreciated.











…I didn’t even realize half of the things I typed…that I was feeling like that…
Now I’m crying. Thank you whoever made this.

This helped me vent today

That was incredible.

i don’t know why… but i feel like crying :/ this is such a nice thing. thank you.

this is such a beautiful idea, I love whoever made this.

Whoever made this; Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is amazing. Just, believe me.

What the hell D:
The stuff I was typing I didn’t even know I felt.

You don’t have to reblog, just click the image. but honestly, I needed to do this. I have this raw, real feeling inside of me right now.


Wow okay I was having a breakthrough and it froze on me
Great job thoughts room
It’s a wonderful idea though, everyone should give it a try even if they don’t think they have any burdens

I love how this thing always shows up on my dashboard again right when I need it.

I will forever reblog this. God I needed that.

Wow….I needed this… c:


I’ve seen this on my Dash a few times and never really took the time to see what it was. I just clicked it, and just wow. It is so simple yet so amazing at the same time. Just watching the words fall and disappear like that was really moving. 


if youre religious or even if youre not if you see this please just take a second to pray for my mom itd be appreciated thanks xxx.